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Redcliffe offers tailored freight forwarding solutions for military, explosive, specialist and general cargo.


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The company has several sites across the UK and owns and operates a fleet of specially modified vehicles dedicated solely for the movement of sensitive cargo throughout the UK and Europe.

We have developed a solid infrastructure of personnel, equipment and storage facilities, which together, provide a total solution for all military forwarding requirements.

Redcliffe have all the essential accreditations including Section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).

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Where It all began

Located in Nottinghamshire in England, Redcliffe has always been privately owned and since early 2008 the company has been part of the Charles Kendall Group.

1970 - 1980

Redcliffe was formed in 1974 as Redcliffe Roadways Limited, specialising in overland trailer movements (both refrigerated and general cargoes) to the Middle East and grew to be the largest UK operator in the region.

In the late 1970s the reefer trucks were sold and the company invested in refrigerated containers, operating as a carrier to all Middle East ports. In 1977, the freight forwarding division was formed.

1980 - 1999

In the 1980’s the company developed into a worldwide freight forwarder, concentrating particularly in handling defence equipment, including explosives, project cargoes, and long term contracts.

Redcliffe continued to grow and develop and the 1990s saw several new specialist staff joining the company to strengthen it’s leading position in the niche explosive and military markets.

2000 - Present

Redcliffe joins the Charles Kendall Group in 2008 and undertakes significant developments to the company infrastructure and a major expansion to the vehicle fleet.

The most recent company acquisition was of 2 explosive storage sites to meet the current demand.


A Worldwide Operation

The activities of Redcliffe encompass a worldwide operation with particular emphasis on the Middle East, Europe, North America, the Indian Sub Continent and Australasia.

Global cross–trading is becoming an ever-increasing feature of the business, with all movements under the tight central control of Head Office in the UK. Today Redcliffe offers innovative and cost-effective freight forwarding and logistics services to many businesses from all types of industries and sectors.

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